We create user experiences that engage, inform, and compel

New Spin Digital is a full-service user experience (UX) design consulting firm. We create highly usable websites and dynamic mobile apps.


What We Do

We combine proven user experience (UX) techniques, beautiful design, and advanced technology to deliver compelling web sites and apps that users and stakeholders love.

Services: What We Do

User Experience Design

Understanding your users. Defining your app, your site, your product.

  • Users, personas, stories, use cases, storyboards, wireframes, visual design – the works.
  • Everything you need to turn business ideas into shovel-ready projects.  More…

Front-End Development

Finished code and design to accelerate your success.
  • Production-ready site code: HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Everything your team needs to deliver your roadmap. More…

UX Strategy & Consulting

Understanding your business. Defining your project.

Beyond UX hard skills, we provide trusted idea and thought leadership born from hands-on experience and lessons learned.

How We Help

We are experts at quickly designing simple solutions for complex information, seamlessly meshing user needs, business goals, and technical realities.

Solutions: How We Help

Business Solutions

For established companies and startups alike, we take a targeted approach, working collaboratively to help identify the UX opportunities to increase the metrics that matter.



Since 2007, New Spin Digital has provided innovative UX solutions and strategy to public and private marketplaces, including the historic health insurance exchanges.



New Spin Digital is a bolt-on resource for your team that works seamlessly to accelerate your client's to-do list via a mix of onsite talent and full-service deliverables (end-to-end).


Our Clients


NorthPoint Digital


Pivot Insurance


NY State of Health

Connect for Health Colorado

Vermont Health Connect

WA Health Plan Finder

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  • Test Paper Prototypes to Save Time and Money: The Mozilla Case Study
    "If anybody says that design iterations will break your ship schedule or that user testing is too much bother, point them to this article, because some of the prototypes progressed through 7 versions during 2 weeks. Testing with users before even breaking out the HTML editor was cheap..." Tags: 4nsd
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    "an apparent lack of authorization and authentication provisions, encrypted firmware updates and protection for personal data. When coupled with poor password choices, HP says wearables are as much a target for cyber criminals as muggers on the street." Tags: 4nsd

Our Blog

    • UX Hack: Lower Your Site’s Minimum Level of Commitment Websites and apps that ask too much of users are letting user engagement opportunities float away. Learn the definition of Minimum Level of Commitment (MLC) and what it means to the user experience on your website.
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    Our Blog


    “You want a design team who has been tested? Well, I don’t think there are many whose work has been scrutinized so rigorously, and I doubt there are any who are better to work with.”

    –Paul Wingle
    Director of Creative Media (former)
    Massachusetts Health Connector